Growing in popularity each year, cycling has been important to us since the 1950s. We give Montrealers hundreds of new and recycled bicycles through our yearly distributions.

Avi Morrow New Bicycle Distribution

New bicycles are distributed to young people whose actions have positively influenced their community or have shown exceptional courage in difficult situations. Each year, we give out around 100 new bicycles, helmets and locks to these extraordinary young people. Since 1984, our distribution of new bicycles has been made possible thanks to Avi Morrow, who remained anonymous for 35 years and was known as “Mr. Bike Man.” Sadly, the Bike Man is no more. Before his passing, Avi Morrow made arrangements so that the Annual Bike Giveaway would continue for years to come.

This program is for children between the ages of 5 and 17 from the Greater Montreal area. To submit a child’s name for this year, fill up the online application below (fields marked with an asterisk are required). Please note that candidates’ names must be submitted before March 15th and that no application will be considered after that date.