1997 -Jean Chrétien visits Sun Youth


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As leader of the opposition, Jean Chrétien had promised Sid Stevens that he would be back when he became Prime Minister. Indeed, his first words upon entering were “I said I’d be back – and here I am.” The prime Minister requested that his visit be low-key. He explained to Sid Stevens that he did not wish to gain political mileage by using people who were less fortunate. Rather he stated, “I want to meet the volunteers and the people who make Sun Youth work.”

Mr. Stevens and his staff met with Mr. Chrétien privately and discussed the problems of poverty, and they offered him suggestions as to how these could be addressed. The PM took notes, and thanked the Sun Youth staff for their excellent work and suggestions.

A great basketball fan, Jean Chrétien used his visit to shoot a few hoops with the children in the organization’s gym. That was greatly appreciated by the kids and by the Sun Youth staff in attendance!