1957 -Opinion poll about Elvis Presley in The Clark Street Sun


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In January 1957, the name of Elvis Presley was on everyone’s lips, and David Goltzman decided to submit an article on this hot new musical sensation to The Clark Street Sun. After presenting highlights of the musician’s short career, the young journalist presented a survey he made among the Devonshire School staff which showed the polarization of opinion about the “King of rock’n’roll” among adults at the time.

“I think this boy has talent,” says a teacher; “He’s not even worth thinking about,” adds a secretary; “I think his music has a lot of rhythm and is very interesting [but] I think it’s ridiculous for a grown man to jump around like a dog who had fleas,” judges the school’s social service worker. “He’s here for a while, but he’ll go down soon,” believes a school custodian.

Elvis’ career continued for 20 more years, until his death on August 16, 1977. To many, he remains to this day the ultimate icon of rock’n’roll.