For the purpose of this policy, personal information means all information about an identifiable individual, including information that may be use to recognize, indentify or contact a specific person, such as email, home address or interests, causes and organizations with whom the person negotiates with.

The term “donor” refers to physical person or a corporation or organization that transfers to Sun Youth the ownership of a property or of amount of money without requesting any compensation of any kind.

The term “donation” is the property or the amount of money that is objet to a transferal of ownership.


Sun Youth will not exchange, award a license, rent, or sell personal information in any way.

Sun Youth is responsible for all personal information it receives and is committed to taking all necessary means to preserve the confidentiality of personal information. Sun Youth is not accountable for the fault of a third party or faulty use of a third party.

Sun Youth pledges to not use or release the personal information for other purposes than the processing of the donation.

Sun Youth pledges respect the applicable standards of the protection of personal information stated by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

Identifying purposes

Sun Youth collects personal information for notably, receiving the donation, the issuance of tax receipt and communication with the donor (in case of problems, newsletters, etc.)


The donor consents to give the following personal information:

  1. Name and surname
  2. Corporation name (if applicable)
  3. Home address
  4. Email address
  5. Phone number
  6. Necessary banking information for processing of the donation
  7. Donation’s history
  8. Information for official receipt
  9. Other information (ex.: age, sex, etc.)

The personal information must be accurate, complete and up-to-date. In the case of monthly donations, to modify personal information, the donor must inform Sun Youth.

The donor consents to all the terms and conditions of this policy.

The donor confirms to be the owner of the property, money or credit card information he or she uses for the donation. If the donor isn’t the owner of the property, the money or the credit card used and that he or she makes donation in the name of someone else, the donor must have received the consent of that person before making the donation.

The donor agrees to allow Sun Youth to forward personal information and the modification to a third party that Sun Youth considers relevant for the processing of the donation.

Access to personal information

Upon the request of a donor, Sun Youth can provide him or her the list of person or organization to whom said personal information was forwarded to. Upon the request of a donor, Sun Youth will give to the donor access to all his or her personal information that Sun Youth possess or administers, limited to legal restriction.


All donations are final and no refund or return is allowed. Sun Youth reserves the right to verify the donations before accepting them. Sun Youth reserves the right to refuse any donation; notably those that won’t serve Sun Youth mission, are illegal or jeopardize the donor’s financial security.

In case of monthly donations, Sun Youth reserves the right to end the monthly charges if there is any irregularity or a lack of funds.


A donor desiring to make a complaint about the non-compliance of the conditions or of the disposition of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, can communicate directly with Sun Youth:


Sun Youth

370 avenue Mont-Royal Ouest

Montréal (Québec)

H2V 2S4