Annual Reports

Sun Youth




Sun Youth is a registered organization incorporated under Part III of the Companies Act (Quebec). Our revenue derives from many generous private and corporate donors. To be able to continue our work in the community, our organization relies on the faithful co-operation of community and humanitarian foundations, of municipalities and governmental agencies as well as that of media partners. We wish to thank them all for their generous support.

We particularly wish to thank the City of Montreal for their invaluable assistance.

Our Main Activities and
Services for 2019-2020

We are proud to present this report. It shows our main activities and presents data for the period from April 1, 2019, to March 31, 2020. This year-end also marks the end of our 65th-anniversary celebrations. Sun Youth was founded in the spring of 1954 by Earl De La Perralle and Sid Stevens, respectively 9 and 13 years old. These past few years have been particularly trying for us: Earl passed away in June 2018, we had to move later that year, and more recently, we had to completely adjust our services due to COVID-19. In the context of this pandemic, the future might seem uncertain to many of us, but one thing is for sure: Sun Youth is here to stay and our help to Montrealers remains needed, now more than ever.

Following is the description of our main activities and services grouped in three main categories: emergency services, community services and administration. We hope you enjoy reading this report as much as we enjoyed preparing it!


Basic necessities for people in need: food and clothing banks, medication program, material assistance, annual distributions (Christmas baskets, school supplies, etc.), heating assistance, assistance to disaster victims, assistance to crime victims, and much more.


This section includes our Awareness and Education Programs as well as our Sports and Recreation Programs. The education aspect includes the presence of social mentors in schools, the distribution of school supplies, a tutoring program, scholarships and internships for students. The awareness aspect includes the bike patrol, the rewards program, the Good Samaritan recognition program and the distribution of new bicycles to deserving young people. Sports and recreation include our basketball and football sports teams, our sports development programs, the Wall of Fame, the Seniors Club, the Day Camp and the Basketball Camps.


The Administration section presents our communications department, our human resources (staff, volunteers, people on insertion programs) and our finance department, with a list of major annual fundraisers.